Registering ML Models

Total time needed: ~38 minutes
Learning Objectives
To learn how models can be stored, tracked and collaborated on.
Potential Use Cases
Repeatable and collaborative ML projects
Target Audience
INTERMEDIATEMachine learning engineers and data scientists who are looking on how to store and iterate on their models.
Go through the following annotated items in order:
ARTICLE 1. How to build a ML Model Registry
  • Why have a ML Registry?
  • How to build a ML registry yourself?
7 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Storing ML Models in Sagemaker
  • How to register a ML Model in sagemaker?
  • How are models grouped?
  • How to deploy a model?
20 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Storing ML Models in Azure ML
  • How to register a ML Model in Azure ML?
  • How to tag models in Azure ML?
5 minutes
WRITEUP 4. Storing ML Models in ML Flow.
  • How to register a ML Model in ML Flow?
5 minutes
ARTICLE 5. Why do we need a ML Model registry?
  • Why do you need a ML Model Registry?
1 minutes

Concepts Covered