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Getting Started with Machine Learning Operation - MLOps

Total time needed: ~2 hours
This recipe aims to get you started and prepare you to operationalize your ML models
Potential Use Cases
machine learning model productionization
Who is This For ?
INTERMEDIATEData Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers
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VIDEO 1. Introduction to MLOps
  • What is MLOps?
  • How can I use MLOps?
2 minutes
RECIPE 2. Preparing Trained Models for Production
10 minutes
RECIPE 3. Delivering your Models to End Users
10 minutes
RECIPE 4. Preparing Your Infrastructure for Production
10 minutes
VIDEO 5. Creating an AWS account and GitHub account
  • How to set up AWS?
  • How to set up GitHub?
10 minutes
VIDEO 6. Intro to Terraform
  • What is teraform used for?
12 minutes
VIDEO 7. Cortex Platform Demo
  • How can Cortex be used for model deployment?
14 minutes
RECIPE 8. What Is MLOps?
10 minutes
VIDEO 9. Anaconda - Installation and Using Conda
  • How to install and use conda?
11 minutes
ARTICLE 10. Deploy Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS Fargate
  • How can we deploy models to AWS?
30 minutes

Concepts Covered

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