Learning N Classes From M<N Samples

Total time needed: ~28 minutes
Learn about developments in deep learning research for few-shot learning
Potential Use Cases
In the scenario you too have less than optimal sample sizes!
Who is This For ?
ADVANCEDIf you're already familiar and have worked with NNs in the past, and looking to navigate suboptimal sample sizes
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PAPER 1. Dataset Distillation
  • Is it possible to train a model on synthetic data out of the manifolds of the original data?
  • How much data is encoded in a given training set and how compressible it is?
18 minutes
PAPER 2. Soft-Label Dataset Distillation and Text Dataset Distillation
  • How can we train a model using data distillation and relaxing the hard labels to a probability distribution?
10 minutes
PAPER 3. ‘Less Than One’-Shot Learning: Learning N Classes From M<N Samples
  • How can we learn from a dataset that has less classes than what we're hoping to classify?
10 minutes

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