Overview of Attention: Concept & Tool Deep Learning

Kristina ArezinaTotal time needed: ~3 hours
Learning Objectives
This Shortlist will cover what attention— a popular concept and a useful tool in deep learning—is. It will cover: Seq2Seq Models, Attention Mechanisms, Neural Turing Machines, and Transformers.
Potential Use Cases
Translation, Transformers, Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)
Target Audience
BEGINNERDeep learning developers interested in NLP
Go through the following annotated items in order:
ARTICLE 1. Attention? Attention!
  • What are attention mechanisms?
  • How was attention invented?
  • What are various attention mechanisms and models?
  • What’s wrong with Seq2Seq model?
  • What are neural turing machines?
  • What is a Pointer Network?
  • How can you build seq2seq models without recurrent network units?
  • What is a Self-Attention GAN?
40 minutes
VIDEO 2. DeepMind x UCL | Deep Learning Lectures | 8/12 | Attention and Memory in Deep Learning
  • What are some contemporary attention mechanisms?
  • What is the implicit attention present in any deep network?
  • What are discrete and differentiable variants of explicit attention?
  • How do networks with external memory work and how can attention provide them with selective recall?
90 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Attention Mechanism in Neural Networks
  • What's the difference between global and local attention?
  • Why is local attention also called window-based attention?
10 minutes

Concepts Convered