Covers: theory of Probability
Estimated time needed to finish: 30 minutes
Questions this item addresses:
  • What are the variety of ways of understanding probability?
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Alan Hájek
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Frequency Interpretation Of Probability

Total time needed: ~47 minutes
The naive reader will be introduced to probability from a "frequentist" perspective and learn how this approach is unique to other perspectives
Potential Use Cases
Statistical analyses, A/B testing, null hypothesis significance testing
Who is This For ?
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VIDEO 1. What is Probability?
  • What is probability?
5 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Interpretations of Probability
  • What are the variety of ways of understanding probability?
30 minutes
VIDEO 3. Frequency Interpretation of Probability
  • What does it mean to interpret probability in terms of frequency of events?
12 minutes

Concepts Covered

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