Covers: theory of Toeplitz matrix
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  • What is a Toeplitz Matrix?
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This resource explains the definition of a Toeplitz Matrix

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Eric W. Wolfram
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Understanding Convolution

Total time needed: ~40 minutes
The user of this short list will be able to understand the concepts related to convolution, cross-correlation and Toeplitz matrix
Potential Use Cases
You are looking to understand the mathematical foundations for Deep Learning
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BEGINNERDeep Learning practitioners interested in Mathematical foundations
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ARTICLE 1. Toeplitz Matrix
  • What is a Toeplitz Matrix?
5 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Convolution
  • How we can represent the convolution operation?
6 minutes
VIDEO 3. Convolution Example
  • Concept of convolution
19 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Convolution Examples and the Convolution integral
  • How to represent the convolution operation?
  • How to implement the convolution operation in python?
10 minutes
BOOK_CHAPTER 5. The Convolution Operation
  • What is convolution?
  • What is a kernel?
  • What is cross-correlation?
  • What is a Toeplitz matrix?
10 minutes
VIDEO 6. Convolution vs Cross Correlation
  • What's the difference between cross-correlation and convolution?
3 minutes
VIDEO 7. Convolution Neural Networks Explained
  • Convolution
  • Implementation of Matrix Multiplication
7 minutes

Concepts Covered

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