Understanding Convolution

Total time needed: ~40 minutes
Learning Objectives
The user of this short list will be able to understand the concepts related to convolution, cross-correlation and Toeplitz matrix
Potential Use Cases
You are looking to understand the mathematical foundations for Deep Learning
Target Audience
BEGINNERDeep Learning practitioners interested in Mathematical foundations
Go through the following annotated items in order:
ARTICLE 1. Toeplitz Matrix
  • What is a Toeplitz Matrix?
5 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Convolution
  • How we can represent the convolution operation?
6 minutes
VIDEO 3. Convolution Example
  • Concept of convolution
19 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Convolution Examples and the Convolution integral
  • How to represent the convolution operation?
  • How to implement the convolution operation in python?
10 minutes
BOOK_CHAPTER 5. The Convolution Operation
  • What is convolution?
  • What is a kernel?
  • What is cross-correlation?
  • What is a Toeplitz matrix?
10 minutes
VIDEO 6. Convolution vs Cross Correlation
  • What's the difference between cross-correlation and convolution?
3 minutes
VIDEO 7. Convolution Neural Networks Explained
  • Convolution
  • Implementation of Matrix Multiplication
7 minutes

Concepts Covered