Covers: theory of On-chain credit scoring
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Machine Learning In On-chain Credit Scoring

Total time needed: ~41 minutes
This recipe introduces Machine Learning in Blockchain credit scoring. It briefly describes the current state of Decentralized Finance on blockchain and borrowing/lending protocols in particular; discusses the need for a decentralized credit scoring protocol and a place ML plays out in building the latter.
Potential Use Cases
Using ML models to build decentralized, self-governed and inclusive reputation scoring system
Who is This For ?
INTERMEDIATEData Scientists, ML engineers, ML-Ops engineers, credit scoring analysts new to blockchain. Blockchain developers new to ML
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ARTICLE 1. Introduction to Decentralized Finance on blockchain
  • What is Decentralized Finance ("DeFi") and why it is a next stage of blockchain evolution?
  • How DeFi is different from TradFi and what are the applications of the former?
8 minutes
VIDEO 2. Lending and borrowing in DeFI
  • How do DeFi lending/borrowing protocols work?
  • What are the applications of DeFi lending/borrowing protocols?
  • What is loan overcollateralization and why it's taken place in DeFi?
15 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Credit Risk Oracle for Pseudonymous Undercollateralized Lending in DeFi
  • How introduction of an on-chain credit scoring can improve capital efficiency of the current state of DeFi ecosystem?
  • What are the high level mechanics of the proposed credit scoring mechanism?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 4. ML usecase. example
  • What are the possible implementations of an on-chain credit scoring protocol?
  • How ML can be applied to tackle the on-chain credit scoring protocol?
8 minutes
REPO 5. On-chain credit scoring research repo
10 minutes

Concepts Covered

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