Covers: implementation of Plant Disease Detection
Estimated time needed to finish: 20 minutes
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  • How to package and deploy models for plant disease detection?
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  • MLflow with pytorch

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Leaf Doctor: Plant Disease Detection Using Image Classification

Total time needed: ~2 hours
Plant disease is one of the common problems that farmers have to deal with. In case of small farms, this can take out as much as 100% of the crop. In this capstone, an Image Classifer application is built that can detect the type of the plant and the potential disease that it might have using a deep learning architecture.
Potential Use Cases
Plant Disease Detection
Who is This For ?
INTERMEDIATEData Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers
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WRITEUP 1. Introduction to Plant Disease Detection using Machine Learning
  • Why plant disease detection is important?
  • How to detect plant disease with machine learning?
5 minutes
PAPER 2. Plant Disease Detection Using Machine Learning
10 minutes
REPO 3. Detection of Plant Disease using PlantVillage Dataset
10 minutes
REPO 4. Leaf Doctor - Model Repo
  • How to implement a plant disease detection model?
20 minutes
REPO 5. Leaf Doctor - Deployment Repo
  • How to package and deploy models for plant disease detection?
20 minutes
PAPER 6. Applications of image processing in agriculture: a survey
10 minutes
  • What contributions does Mask R-CNN make?
  • How well does Mask R-CNN perform?
  • What is the theory behind how Mask R-CNN works?
30 minutes
OTHER 8. Convolutional Neural Network
  • What is a convolutional neural network?
10 minutes
VIDEO 9. Leaf Doctor - Demo Video
  • How do you create a plant disease detection application?
9 minutes
Performance Resources2/2
UPLOAD_PDF 1. PlantVillage Dataset Info
  • What data we used for this project?
5 minutes
UPLOAD_PDF 2. Plant Disease Detection Model Performance
  • How did our model perform?
5 minutes

Concepts Covered

Jiri Stodulka.
Cool stuff!!! I skimmed the RECIPE fast. What do you use MASK RCNN for? Is it leaf segmentation before you apply the disease classifier?