Information Extraction from unstructured data

Total time needed: ~15 minutes
Learning Objectives
Learn and implement Information extraction task
Potential Use Cases
Extract important information from patent or contract documents
Target Audience
BEGINNERData Scientist new to NLP
Go through the following annotated items in order:
VIDEO 1. Introduction to Information Extraction
  • What is information extraction?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Information extraction techniques
  • What are different information extraction techniques?
15 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Introduction to Relation Extraction
  • What is relation extraction ?
  • What are different ways of doing relation extraction?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Introduction to Event Exraction
  • What is Event extraction ?
  • How to implement Event extraction?
10 minutes
BOOK_CHAPTER 5. Introduction to Temporal Expression Extraction
  • What is temporal expression ?
  • How to extract temporal expression information?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 6. Implementation of Information Extraction for Legal text
  • How to implement information extraction for legal text?
10 minutes

Concepts Covered