An Introduction To ML In Climate Change

Total time needed: ~3 hours
Provide an introduction to various climate change issues being addressed with ML
Potential Use Cases
The reader is a data scientist interested in gaining a better understanding of climate change issues they can solve, likely for an independent project
Who is This For ?
BEGINNERData scientists interested in addressing climate issues
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PAPER 1. Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning
  • What is the best introduction to climate change data science?
60 minutes
OTHER 2. Climate Change AI
  • Where can I find more resources about climate change data science?
10 minutes
VIDEO 3. Climate Change, Technology, and India: An Opportunity in Calamity
  • What is the influence of climate change on developing countries, and how can it be addressed with machine learning?
30 minutes
PAPER 4. Transnational Municipal Networks and Climate Change Adaptation: A Study of 377 Cities
  • What influences cities' adaptation to climate change?
10 minutes
PAPER 5. Tweeting the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21): An Analysis of a Social Network and Factors Determining the Network Influence
  • How do our online networks affect the influence of our messages about climate change?
10 minutes
PAPER 6. Social Determinants of Adaptive and Transformative Responses to Climate Change
  • How do our in-person networks influence our responses to climate change?
10 minutes
OTHER 7. Mapped: The World’s Coal Power Plants
  • What is some more background on worldwide coal usage?
5 minutes
PAPER 8. Carbon Footprint and Nutritional Quality of Different Human Dietary Choices
  • What is some background on carbon emissions from our dietary choices?
10 minutes
OTHER 9. Climate Trace
  • What is an example of an innovative project using AI for climate change?
5 minutes

Concepts Covered

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