Covers: implementation of recurrent neural network (RNN)
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  • How to implement RNN in python from scratch?
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Faizan Shaikh
Programming Languages: Python
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Total time needed: ~3 hours
Long short-term memory (LSTM) is an artificial recurrent neural network (RNN) architecture used in the field of deep learning
Potential Use Cases
Robot control, Time series prediction,Speech recognition,Rhythm learning, Music composition, Grammar learning, Handwriting recognition, Human action recognition.
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VIDEO 1. Introduction to RNN
  • What is RNN?
30 minutes
LIBRARY 2. RNN from scratch
  • How to implement RNN in python from scratch?
20 minutes
VIDEO 3. Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) - Introduction
  • What is LSTM and what is the math behind this model?
20 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Understanding LSTM
  • What is LSTM and how different compartment work in this model?
25 minutes
LIBRARY 5. Implementing LSTM in python
  • How to implement LSTM in python?
30 minutes
PAPER 6. Long Short-Term Memory (Optional- original paper)
  • Where does this model come from?
30 minutes

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