Covers: theory of Chain rule of probability
Estimated time needed to finish: 6 minutes
Questions this item addresses:
  • How to use chain rule to calculate probability of a sequence?
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Introduction To N-gram Model

Total time needed: ~42 minutes
Provides background information about a type of NLP model called N-gram model.
Potential Use Cases
Allows users to further understand advanced/in-depth N-gram topics.
Who is This For ?
BEGINNERData scientists who are new to NLP
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BOOK_CHAPTER 1. Introduction to language model
  • What is a language model?
5 minutes
VIDEO 2. Chain rule of prob basic
  • How to use chain rule to calculate probability of a sequence?
6 minutes
VIDEO 3. Introduction to N-gram model
  • What is a N-gram model?
4 minutes
VIDEO 4. Estimate N-gram probability
  • How to estimate the probability of a word in N-gram model?
10 minutes
VIDEO 5. A simple bi-gram text generation model
  • How to apply Markov assumption to make a bi-gram text generation model?
17 minutes

Concepts Covered

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