Covers: theory of Tabular Data Preprocessing
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Devinder Sarai
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Tabular Data Preprocessing For Categorical Data

Total time needed: ~38 minutes
You will learn three methods to preprocess categorical tabular data.
Potential Use Cases
Time-series forecasting, anomaly detection, power generation
Who is This For ?
BEGINNERData Scientists new to Tabular Data/Time-Series Preprocessing.
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ARTICLE 1. One-Hot Encoding For Categorical Data
  • What is one-hot encoding?
  • How do we work with discrete, categorical data?
12 minutes
ARTICLE 2. The Fourier Transformation
  • What is a Fourier Transformation?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Understanding the Fourier Transform by Example
  • I still don't understand the Fourier Transform—can you explain it again?
5 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Embedding For Categorical Variables
  • How do you use embeddings in tabular data preprocessing?
5 minutes
LIVE_SESSION 5. AISC Tabular Data Preprocessing Presentation
  • Can you summarize this recipe?
6 minutes

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