Overview of Text Classification

Total time needed: ~40 minutes
Learning Objectives
Provide an introduction to text classification.
Potential Use Cases
Newcomers to machine learning and natural language processing.
Target Audience
Go through the following annotated items in order:
VIDEO 1. What Is Text Classification
Good overview of what you can use text classification for.
10 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Text Classification
This is a good overview of text classification. You can read for a few minutes and understand the general concept, or you can read more for details.
20 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Text Classification: The First Step Toward NLP Mastery
Good quick overview of text classification and some of the coding skills needed for implementation.
10 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Machine Learning, NLP: Text Classification Using Scikit-Learn, Python, and NLTK
Useful beginner-friendly coding implementation with an explanation of concepts.
20 minutes

Concepts Covered