Covers: theory of Covariance
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  • What is covariance?
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Josh Starman
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Expected Values, Variance, And Covariance

Total time needed: ~51 minutes
Learn about expected values, variance, covariance, and connections between these concepts
Potential Use Cases
statistical analyses, function writing
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ARTICLE 1. What are expected values, variance, and covariance?
  • What are expected values and how do these relate to the concept of covariance?
20 minutes
VIDEO 2. Covariance and Correlation I
  • What is covariance ?
10 minutes
VIDEO 3. Covariance and Correlation II
  • What is covariance?
10 minutes
VIDEO 4. Covariance Matrices I
  • What is covariance and covariance matrices?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 5. Covariance Matrices II
  • What are covariance and covariance matrices?
31 minutes

Concepts Covered

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