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  • What are mixed Hybrids? Why do we need them?
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Section 6.9

Mixed Hybrid Recommendation Systems: The basic idea is that we may have to use multiple Recommendation Systems to predict different items and group them together as a package. For example: a tourist itinerary where you get recommended various items in a package like lodging, travelling etc where the recommendation system build for predicting lodging may not be the best one to predict other activities like places to visit etc. The catch here is that because the recommendation systems that predict these things are independent of each other, one needs to make sure you don't predict conflicting items. CSPs(Contraint Satisfaction Problem) are applied to make sure the predictions are mutually consistent.

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Charu Aggarwal
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Ensemble Based And Hybrid Recommender Systems

Total time needed: ~5 minutes
Gives a basic idea of combining multiple individual recommendation systems to build a robust high-performing Recommendation System
Potential Use Cases
Build a Hybrid Recommendation System that combines the strengths and avoids the weakness of different techniques for building a Recommendation System.
Who is This For ?
INTERMEDIATEPeople with familiarity with various Recommendation System Building techniques like collaborative filtering, knowledge and content based recommendations,
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ARTICLE 1. Hybrid Recommendation Systems
  • What are hybrid Systems?
  • Why do we need hybrid systems?
5 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Ensemble Based Recommendation Systems
  • What are ensemble based systems and why do we need them?
  • What is a Weighted Ensemble?
  • What is a Switching Ensemble?
  • What is a Cascade Ensemble?
  • What is a Feature Augmentation Ensemble?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Monolith Recommendation Systems
  • What are monolith based Recommendation Systems?
  • What is a Meta-level Hybrid Recommendation System?
  • What is Feature Combination Hybrid Recommendation System?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Mixed Recommendation Systems
  • What are mixed Hybrids? Why do we need them?
10 minutes

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