• RECIPE of RECIPEs: This is a good example for how you can put together a bunch of RECIPEs to create a learning journey of sorts.
  • Building a ChatBot: This is a good example of showing people how to do things with RECIPEs. Look how verbose the descriptions are, and how easy it is to see the overall coherent narrative.
  • Tuning your GAN: Another example of a good instruction for carrying out a task. Note the extensive use of writeup artifacts. It is essentially a blog post broken down into a few mini ones in a much more structured and user friendly way.
Covers: application of RECIPE
Estimated time needed to finish: 10 minutes
Questions this item addresses:
  • What are some of the interesting patterns people have used to create RECIPEs?
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Recipe 0 - Structured Documentation Of "Know Hows"

Total time needed: ~2 hours
This is RECIPE 0. A short list about recipes! Where it came from, what it means, and what it tries to achieve, the science behind it!
Potential Use Cases
learning how to learn!
Who is This For ?
BEGINNERall learners
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WRITEUP 1. RECIPEs, the art of documenting your learning process
  • What are Recipes?
10 minutes
WRITEUP 2. How do RECIPEs benefit you?
  • What can you hope to achieve with RECIPEs that you wouldn't otherwise?
5 minutes
WRITEUP 3. Is there science behind RECIPEs?
  • Is this a made up thing, or is it based on some science?
10 minutes
WRITEUP 4. Show me some examples of what I can do with RECIPEs
  • What are some of the interesting patterns people have used to create RECIPEs?
10 minutes
RECIPE 5. Meta-cognition: learning about learning!
33 minutes
ARTICLE 6. Experiential Learning Theory
  • What is experiential learning?
  • What are the components of experiential learning?
5 minutes
ARTICLE 7. Zone of Proximal Development
  • How can one learning contextually?
5 minutes
  • What can I do with RECIPEs?
5 minutes

Concepts Covered

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