Covers: application of Interaction Constraints
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  • What is feature interaction in non-linear models?
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The paper explains the concept of feature interaction in non-linear models and illustrates how feature interactions can be identified and used to constrain an XGBoost model.

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Kshitij Goyal; Sebastijan Dumancic; Hendrik Blockeel
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Monotonic Constraints, Interaction Constraints And Cost-sensitive Learning

Total time needed: ~4 hours
Techniques for placing constraints on machine learning models to ensure they don't end up with illogical or biased results
Potential Use Cases
Bias-mitigation and for injecting domain knowledge into the model
Who is This For ?
INTERMEDIATEMachine Learning Developers focused on bias mitigation and model validation
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ARTICLE 1. Bias in Machine learning models
  • What is bias and sources of bias in ML models?
10 minutes
PAPER 2. Deontological Ethics By Monotonicity Shape Constraints
  • What is an example of applying monotonic constraints to migitge bias?
60 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Application of Monotonic Constraints in Machine Learning Models
  • How to implement monotonic constraints on a Machine Learning Model?
15 minutes
REPO 4. Feature Interaction Constraints in XGBoost
  • What is a code example of applying feature interaction constraints on an XGBoost model?
60 minutes
PAPER 5. Feature Interactions in XGBoost
  • What is feature interaction in non-linear models?
34 minutes
PAPER 6. Cost-Sensitive Learning and the Class Imbalance Problem
  • What is the motivation for cost sensitive learning?
60 minutes

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