Improving Word Embeddings with Retrofit

Total time needed: ~2 hours
Learn about how word embeddings can be improved by using knowledge base, a technique called retrofitting
Potential Use Cases
Improve the domain-specific word vectors you use by incorporating semantics.
Who is This For ?
INTERMEDIATENLP Developers who understand Word Embeddings and want to improve them in their own use cases.
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Resource Asset4/4
REPO 1. Fun exercises to recap Word Vectors
  • How does Word Vectors work?
  • How to build your own Word Vectors?
  • How to use pre-trained Word Vectors?
40 minutes
BOOK_CHAPTER 2. Embeddings in Natural Language Processing
  • What are knowledge base?
10 minutes
PAPER 3. The Retrofitting Paper
  • What is retrofitting?
  • How does retrofitting work?
30 minutes
ARTICLE 4. A short guide on how to implement Retrofitting with Pre-trained Word Vectors and Paraphrase database
  • How retrofitting is done?
15 minutes

Concepts Covered

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