Covers: theory of BRB Interpretability
Estimated time needed to finish: 30 minutes
Questions this item addresses:
  • How can we interpret BRB expert system locally and globally?
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Dr. Swati Sachan
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Understand The Paper: An Explainable Ai Decision-support-system To Automate Loan Underwriting

Total time needed: ~3 hours
Understanding belief-rule-base (BRB) approach to exaplain AI models
Potential Use Cases
Automate loan underwriting
Who is This For ?
INTERMEDIATEPeople with basic knowledge on machine learning and explainable AI.
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VIDEO 1. Explaining the decisions of automated loan decision support system
  • Manual underwriting are paper based and incovnient, can we automate the underwriting process?
  • Can we take an advantage of explainable AI to understand the decisions?
60 minutes
PAPER 2. Understanding Belief Rule Base (BRB) expert system
  • What is Belief Rule Base (BRB) expert system?
30 minutes
PAPER 3. A strategy to interpret BRB expert System
  • How can we interpret BRB expert system locally and globally?
30 minutes
PAPER 4. Explaining automated decisions of Belief Rule Based loan underwritings expert system
  • How to deal with lack of explainability in the AI model?
  • How to represent knowledge by using rules?
  • What are the limitations of Belief Rule Based expert systems?
60 minutes

Concepts Covered

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