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  • How to implement longformer for question answering task?
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Implementation of question answering using longformer from kaggale.

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Understand The Paper : Learning Longformer:the Long-document Transformer

Total time needed: ~2 hours
With this list you can learn about Longformer and how to implement it.
Potential Use Cases
Long text summarization, Long text question answering.
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ADVANCEDNLP Data scientist from all audience levels
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ARTICLE 1. Introduction to Transformer Encoder Decoder Model
  • What is transformer and how it works?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Attentions Mechanism In Neural Machine Translation
  • What is attention and type of attention mechanisms?
20 minutes
PAPER 3. Longformer : The Long-Document Transformer (Original Paper)
  • What is long former and attention mechanism to process long sequence?
20 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Understanding Transformer-Based Self-Supervised Architectures - LongFormer
  • How can we reduce the computational cost of the attention calculations, which grow quadratically with sequence length?
7 minutes
REPO 5. Longformer : The Long-Document Transformer Github Repo
  • How longformer is implemented?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 6. Train a Longformer for Detecting Hyper-partisan News
  • How to train a longformer?
7 minutes
ARTICLE 7. Train a Longformer for the Question Answering
  • How to implement longformer for question answering task?
7 minutes

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