Matrix Multiplication

Total time needed: ~54 minutes
Understand and practice the concept and properties of Matrix Multiplication
Potential Use Cases
Mathematical foundations for Deep Learning
Who is This For ?
BEGINNERDeep Learning practitioners new to Mathematical foundations
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BOOK_CHAPTER 1. Deep Learning - Chapter 2: Linear Algebra
It explains the basic rules of matrix multiplication in a short and clear way.
  • What are Scalars, Vectors, Matrices and Tensors?
  • How to multiply Matrices and Vectors?
  • How to multiply two Matrices?
15 minutes
VIDEO 2. Introduction to Vectors and Scalars
It explains the differences between vectors and scalars
  • What is the difference between vectors and scalars?
9 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Multiplying matrices by scalars
This resource presents a video, explanation and exercises to understand better the concept
  • How can I multiply a matrix by a scalar?
15 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Multiplying matrices by matrices
This resource explains the concept of Matrix by Matrix multiplication and provides practice exercises.
  • How to find the product of two matrices?
15 minutes

Concepts Covered

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