Covers: implementation of Deep RL with Double Q-Learning
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  • What is Double Q-Learning?
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This article explains the motivation behind Double Q-learning networks, and look at three different modifications of the algorithm.

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Chris Yoon
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Model-Free Function Approximation Using Linear Functions And Deep Q-Networks

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Potential Use Cases
Strategic Games, Robotics
Who is This For ?
ADVANCEDAnyone who is interested in learning the advanced concepts and applications of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
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PAPER 1. Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • What is Deep Q-learning?
  • How Deep Q-Learning works?
30 minutes
VIDEO 2. CNNs and Deep Q Learning
  • How to use Neural Networks as function approximators in Q-learning?
30 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Double Deep Q Networks
  • What is Double Q-Learning?
20 minutes
PAPER 4. Deep Reinforcement Learning with Double Q-learning
  • What is Double Q-Learning?
30 minutes
VIDEO 5. Value Function Approximation
  • How to approximate the state and state-action value using Linear Function Approximation?
30 minutes
ARTICLE 6. Understanding Q-Learning and Linear Function Approximation
  • How to approximate the value of state/action using Linear Function Approximation?
15 minutes

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