Covers: implementation of GloVe Word Embeddings
Estimated time needed to finish: 30 minutes
Questions this item addresses:
  • How are GloVe embeddings used?
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Overview Of Glove Embeddings

Total time needed: ~6 hours
Gain an understanding of what GloVe embeddings are, the underlying theory behind them, and how to implement them
Potential Use Cases
Pre-trained Word Embeddings for various NLP tasks
Who is This For ?
BEGINNERAnyone performing an NLP task that makes use of word embeddings
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OTHER 1. Blog with high-level overview of GloVe
  • What are GloVe embeddings?
10 minutes
OTHER 2. Blog explaining the foundational GloVe paper (Pennington et. al 2014)
  • How can I understand the GloVe paper?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Foundational GloVe research paper
  • What are GloVe embeddings and how are they created?
60 minutes
VIDEO 4. Video Illustrating the implementation of GloVe embeddings
  • How are GloVe embeddings used?
30 minutes
REPO 5. (Optional) Original repo of GloVe embeddings
  • How are GloVe embeddings implemented?
2 hours
REPO 6. (Optional) Implementation of GloVe embeddings in Keras
  • How do you implement GloVe embeddings in Keras?
2 hours

Concepts Covered

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