Covers: theory of Bias
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  • What is bias and sources of bias in ML models?
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Read full medium article. The article provides three examples of bias, accompanying datasets and an overview of measures to mitigate bias and mistrust.

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Understanding The Paper : Persistent Anti-muslim Bias In Large Language Models

Total time needed: ~2 hours
This will help users to understand that how large language models such as GPT-3 capture racial bias
Potential Use Cases
Debiasing the language model
Who is This For ?
INTERMEDIATENLP Data scientist from all audience levels
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ARTICLE 1. Bias in Machine learning models
  • What is bias and sources of bias in ML models?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 2. Algorithmic Bias in Natural language processing models
  • What are type of biases and algorithmic bias?
30 minutes
PAPER 3. Understanding the GPT-3
  • What is GPT-3 ?
  • How is GPT-3 different from previous transformer based architectures?
  • How GPT-3 uses Few shot learning and zero shot learning to eliminate fine-tuning and the need for large task specific datasets?
25 minutes
ARTICLE 4. Persistent Anti-Muslim Bias in Large Language Models
  • What type of bias is found in GPT-3?
  • How to debias GPT-3 by introducing positive words and phrases?
15 minutes

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