Covers: implementation of Climate and Species Protection
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Questions this item addresses:
  • What is the use case of AI in species protection?
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Sara Beery, Student Researcher and Jonathan Huang, Research Scientist, Google Research
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Getting To Know Ai For Sustainability

Total time needed: ~3 hours
Get an overview of how AI can help preserving natural resources and maintain economic and environmental sustainability. Learn about AI role in development of industries with carbon footprints, and how it can be used for climate monitoring and species protection.
Potential Use Cases
Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Species Protection
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ARTICLE 1. AI for a sustainable future: think globally, act locally!
  • What is the future of sustainability?
  • What are the key challenges and AI contribution in industries playing a role in the future of sustainability?
  • What are some of the recent real-world applications of AI in those industries?
30 minutes
ARTICLE 2. How AI can enable a sustainable future | Microsoft & PWC
  • What is the impact of AI in the future of economy and environment?
  • What industries have significant carbon footprint and how utilizing AI can reduce GHG emissions in those industries?
  • What is the impact of AI in the future job market?
30 minutes
ARTICLE 3. Environmental sustainability and AI | Forbs
  • Does AI have a carbon footprint?
  • How can AI be used to reduce carbon footprints?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 4. How IoT and AI can enable environmental sustainability | Forbs
  • What are some of use cases of AI for environmental sustainability?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 5. The technology behind our recent improvements in flood forecasting | Google AI
  • Can AI be used for natural disaster forecasting?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 6. Leveraging temporal context for object detection | Google AI
  • What is the use case of AI in species protection?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 7. AI for Earth technical resources | Microsoft
  • What are some of available open-source tools addressing AI for sustainability?
30 minutes

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