Covers: theory of BERT & XLNET
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  • 1- How is XLNET pre-trained?
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Borealis AI
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T5 Paper

Total time needed: ~5 hours
Exploring different topics discussed in this large scale study
Potential Use Cases
Various NLP tasks such as translation, questions answering, summarisation
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PAPER 1. Original paper
  • 1- What are the effects of the pre-training objective on the model's performance?
  • 2- What are the effects of dataset size on performance?
  • 3- What are the effects of model architecture on its perfomance?
  • 4- What is the best fine-tuning strategy?
3 hours
VIDEO 2. A useful video that explores the T5 large-scale study on Transfer Learning
  • 1- What are the main highlights and takeaways of the T5 paper?
25 minutes
ARTICLE 3. BERT's pre-training objective
  • 1- How is BERT pre-trained?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 4. XLNET's pre-training objective
  • 1- How is XLNET pre-trained?
10 minutes
ARTICLE 5. Transformers
  • 1- What are transformers?
  • 2- How do transformers work?
60 minutes

Concepts Covered

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