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[Trivia] AISC ML Trivia Night - Fall Edition

Time: Tuesday 10-Nov-2020 23:30
Live in 10 days & 07:50:54


Motivation / Abstract
The 4th edition of the AISC ML Trivia Quiz is coming up on November 10! This will be held in the backdrop of the US elections, and there is no way we could pass up on the opportunity to feature an ‘AI in Politics’ theme! 
The phrase ‘AI in Politics’ conjures up bad memories of Cambridge Analytics and visions of dystopian privacy breaches, but that is not all there is to it. There are important legitimate and unavoidable ways in which data analytics and machine learning play an important role in the field of politics, be it in public polling, election campaigning, or in perfecting democratic institutions. Our speakers will give lightning talks on how effective use of data/ML can lead to significant impacts in this field.
Depending on the results of the election, you can view this event as either celebratory or as an outlet for catharsis! Either way, there is going to be a lot of food-for-thought and fun guaranteed. As usual, our Trivia Quiz will heavily err on the side of fun.
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