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Real-World Quantum Communication: One Module at a Time
Tuesday Sep 15 2020 16:00 GMT
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Real-World Quantum Communication: One Module at a Time
Why This Is Interesting

Quantum technologies are coming, and one of the field’s main promises is the advent of quantum communications. Qunnect, a spin-off from Stony Brook University, is one of the pioneers in quantum communication. Dr. Namazi will tell us about the cutting-edge technologies they are currently developing at Qunnect.

Quantum communication is a very revolutionary idea which aims to harness the power of quantum physics in order to significantly enhance the way we transfer information. A true implementation of these networks has applications from “unhackable” networking and distributed quantum computing to ultra-high resolution study of deep space and very precise sensing of geological effects. Though the promise is unique, we are still years away from a real-world quantum network; a network that allows multiple quantum devices to work together very efficiently, outside the laboratory space and plugged into the current telecommunication infrastructure. At Qunnect we bring together physicists, engineers, and data scientists to address the challenges of realizing telecom integrated quantum networks one module at a time. I will use this talk as an opportunity to introduce you to the “second generation quantum networking” and break down a few key hardware we have been developing to accelerate the growth of long-distance quantum networks.

Discussion Points
  • How the Quantum Internet will be different from the internet which we know and love?
  • Information Security in the age of quantum computation, should we be really concerned now?
  • Long-distance practical quantum links, what are the bottle necks and we will have it?
  • Quantum Memories, how to make them work in practical conditions, and why do we need them?
Time of Recording: Tuesday Sep 15 2020 16:00 GMT