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Quantum Technologies: State of Play
Wednesday Jul 29 2020 16:00 GMT
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Quantum Technologies: State of Play
Why This Is Interesting

Harnessing the power of quantum physics phenomena, superposition and entanglement, promises a new type of machine with an unprecedented level of computational power, unlike any other technology before. Race to build the first practical and scalable quantum computing machine has been compared to the gold rush and resulted in the “quantum supremacy” declaration here and there. Governments and private sectors are investing multi-billion dollars in the quantum technology domain. The looming threat of the advent of quantum computing may bring to the security of our digital life is a significant concern and motivation behind some of the investments in quantum technologies.

This computational power can be employed to tackle a range of challenges we are facing today,from climate change to discovering new drugs and medical treatments. Quantum computation promises to significantly impact areas like discovering new materials, finance, machine learning,manufacturing, and logistics. Sampling, simulation, and optimization are the main categories of problems we can efficiently solve using quantum computation.

In this brief overview, we will discuss the basics of quantum computing and how they can be utilized to overcome the current computational limits. Quantum technologies are still in their infancy, yet the market opportunities are massive. We will briefly look into market opportunities and where the possibilities are

Time of Recording: Wednesday Jul 29 2020 16:00 GMT