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Product Ideation - Art of Finding the Right Problem to Work on!
Wednesday Aug 19 2020 14:00 GMT
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Product Ideation - Art of Finding the Right Problem to Work on!
Why This Is Interesting

Have you ever noticed teams that are always working on great problem? It is not accidental, it all starts from good groundwork by identifying the right problem statements to work on. In this session we will talk about approaches to ideation: starting with opportunities or challenges, and go through some mock case studies to drive the points home

Discussion Points
  • given that most stakeholders / users don’t know what they want, how do you execute effective ideation?
  • given that stakeholders / users are usually very set in the way they think, how do you encourage them to think outside of the box?
  • how do you start from an idea that is not very concrete and find a range of ideas that are concrete?
  • once you have a short list, how do you go about testing many ideas quickly? what do you look for?
  • there are opportunities even in very crowded markets for making things marginally better or even completely reimagine how things should be done
  • the key to identifying the right problems to work on is to diverge from an initial (probably half baked) idea into many similar, non-overlapping, but more concrete ideas, and then prioritise what brings the best return on investment
  • discovering all that there’s to know about a problem is extremely important, and talking to users / stakeholders in an honest and open way is major component of that
Time of Recording: Wednesday Aug 19 2020 14:00 GMT
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