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Navigating the Idea Maze: Continuous discovery frameworks for (AI?) products
Tuesday Jul 7 2020 22:30 GMT
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Navigating the Idea Maze: Continuous discovery frameworks for (AI?) products
Why This Is Interesting

One of the most impactful product development frameworks ever created is a barely-read, ugly PDF created for a Stanford lecture series that you can no longer find on the internet.

It’s called the Idea Maze, and its brilliance is in its clarity and simplicity. Whether you’ve just sketched an idea on a napkin, or have already launched a business, the Idea Maze is a great playbook of how to pick the right idea, and progressively build great products.

I’m excited to present the idea, dissect it a bit, and talk about its application to AI products.

  • Navigating the Idea Maze well invariably means moving up and down the state machine as we learn. It’s far from linear.The key is advancing, stopping, or pivoting with clear reasoning.
  • A list of all your assumptions, organized based on their impact to your business, is your best friend. Good execution means fast, inexpensive validation of your riskiest assumptions.
  • A Good Idea requires a respect for your competitors, a sense of the industry’s history, and clarity on all the critical decisions that exist in this space. It also requires a deep understanding of your customer and their problems.
  • Don’t skip steps. Ego and wishful thinking simply raise the cost of discovering reality.
Time of Recording: Tuesday Jul 7 2020 22:30 GMT
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