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Literature Survey for AI & ML in Health

Time: Thursday 1-Oct-2020 23:30
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Motivation / Abstract
Recent years have seen major breakthroughs in AI and ML. These advances have created a major impact in how Health services are being offered. This talk summarizes different application areas where AI and ML are creating huge improvements within the Health Industry. The idea is to broaden the horizon rather than deep dive into one particular area of applications. After listening/watching this presentation, the viewers would be able to get a bird's-eye view of how and where AI and ML are changing the health sector.  
Questions Discussed
+ Different application areas of AI and ML in the health industry
+ Recent advances helping health practitioners improve their services including clinical and non-clinical applications	 
+ Areas of improvement are solving process inefficiencies, development of new drugs, automating tedious and repetitive procedures, guarding against human error, improving access to healthcare among many other applications
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 ML in Health

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