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Founders Stream: AI Applications in Fundraising
Tuesday Jul 14 2020 22:30 GMT
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Founders Stream: AI Applications in Fundraising
Why This Is Interesting

Fundraising organizations often face uncertainty about when their next donation may come, and how much that donation may be. The use of machine learning can help predict these specific data points, thus helping organizations better plan their communications and team resources.

In this event, we will be joined by three founders in the fundraising domain who each bring their unique perspective to the prospect research problem. Attendees can expect to expand their knowledge of fundraising, including terminology, machine learning best-practices in the domain, and how information and insights can be best delivered to clients to maximize buy-in.

Discussion Points
  • What is “prospect research”?
  • Why is prospect research/annual gift modelling a hard problem? Does the difficulty lie on the technical side, or is it more of a business problem?
  • How do you ensure data is presented to clients in a digestible format? What’s the best format to get buy-in?
  • What sort of data do you work with? What’s the scale of it?
  • Do you train models independently on each customer or train on multiple customers’ data? What privacy concerns come up?
Time of Recording: Tuesday Jul 14 2020 22:30 GMT