Past Recording
Founders Stream: Costumer Research, Customer Service, and NLP
Tuesday Aug 18 2020 22:30 GMT
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Why This Is Interesting

This event will feature Co-Founders of Nexxt Intelligence, Kathy Cheng and Josh Seltzer, joined by Gordon Gibson, the Machine Learning Manager at Ada Inc. We will discuss the differences between using chat bots for consumer research (Nexxt Intelligence) and for customer service (Ada). Chat bots in consumer research are required to build rapport, to be a good listener, and to ask further questions on the fly. On the other hand, chat bots in the customer service domain are aimed at guiding people to a solution. The panel will highlight the technological challenges and model choices they have made based on these differing requirements.

Discussion Points
  • What is the job description for a chatbot in customer research? What about a chatbot in customer service?
  • What are the main technological challenges?
  • What models do you use? Do you use the latest NLP research and how long does it take to get a new model into production?
Time of Recording: Tuesday Aug 18 2020 22:30 GMT
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