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Operating System for Machine Learning
Wednesday May 13 2020 16:00 GMT
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Operating System for Machine Learning
Why This Is Interesting

Machine Learning Engineering and MLOps are an important part of the data science projects these days. is an AI OS, transforming the way enterprises manage, scale, and accelerate AI and data science development from research to production. The code-first platform is built by data scientists, for data scientists and offers flexibility to run on-premise or cloud. With Model-management, MLOps and continual machine learning solutions, brings top of the line technology to data science teams so they can spend less time on DevOps and focus on the real magic - algorithms. has a community edition available for the Data Science and Machine Learning community to use it.

Speaker Bio:

Yochay is an experienced tech leader who has been named in the 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 lists for his achievements in AI advancement and for building Since the age of 7 Yochay has been writing code. After 3 years of consulting companies in AI and ML development, Yochay, along with Co-founder Leah Kolben decided to create a tool to help data scientists and companies scale their AI and Machine Learning. The company is a leader in the world of MLOps and Model Management and continues to help data science teams from Fortune 500 companies manage, build, and automate machine learning from research to production.

Discussion Points

End to end ML project wt Code first ML Engineering ML projects on hybrid cloud

Time of Recording: Wednesday May 13 2020 16:00 GMT
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