Building your Product Strategy - A Guide

Time: Tuesday 30-Jun-2020 22:30 (This is a past event.)

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Motivation / Abstract
We'll cover the elements of a great product strategy and why you need one. We will talk about some real-world examples that you can apply to your organization or project idea - to better communicate and align on what you're building. 
We'll cover how to execute a product strategy, and supplement it with illustrative examples. After learning each piece, we'll break out into groups and try implementing them ourselves.
Questions Discussed
- What product strategy is, and what components it has
- Why product strategy is important and how you can define yours
- How to ideate initiatives to reach the next success milestone from your current state and ultimately reach your business goals 
Key Takeaways
- There are 3 major points that you have to pay attention to as part of your product strategy: market vision, initiatives, and goals
- Market Vision: Target Market, Value Provided, Differentiator, Distribution, Positioning 
- Goals: Measurable milestone metric, that if achieved, means we’re on the right path to the vision
- Initiatives: Hypotheses to achieve our goal, that take us from the current state, on path to the vision
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