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An Introduction to Quantum Computing
Thursday Feb 4 2021 17:00 GMT
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An Introduction to Quantum Computing
Why This Is Interesting

Doug will give a presentation titled “An Introduction to Quantum Computing”. The presentation will describe some of the basic quantum physics principles important in quantum computing, a description of the various implementation technologies that are available to construct a quantum computer, why a quantum computer can provide a performance advantage over a classical computer, the different types of quantum computers, what applications may be suitable for quantum computers, and some of the major players that are providing quantum computing hardware and software.

Discussion Points
  • To learn about the current state of quantum technologies and how the future might look like.
  • To learn from one of the most influential industry experts.
  • To learn about the leading players in quantum technologies and where quantum tech is heading.
  • What are the main challenges that need to be addressed to bring quantum technologies to the mainstream
Time of Recording: Thursday Feb 4 2021 17:00 GMT