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AI for Social Good
Tuesday Jul 21 2020 22:30 GMT
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AI for Social Good
Why This Is Interesting

This quarter’s AI for Social Good is centered around racial inequity in public health and its corresponding implications in AI. This is especially pertinent given that marginalized populations are more likely to be afflicted with COVID-19. We hope to amplify knowledgeable voices and raise awareness to the racial disparity in health & medical treatment, and how AI has contributed to the issue, and what the path forward is.

  • Tania De Gasperis identified a bazaar model which promotes equitable, individual software building in the context of contact tracing by allowing for participatory design. This in turn, democratizes technical power from programmers to all users who use their software.
  • Renee Cummings illuminated how racism can be a social determinant of health, and stressed how health surveillance can be abused by integration with criminal surveillance by putting densely populated communities at risk, which tend to be BIPOC.
  • Jennifer Williams demonstrated the importance of viewing healthcare through a social justice lens. Every step of the health care process is hindered for black communities; health insurance is less likely to be obtained due to lack of employment opportunities, the high cost of medical treatment, as well as an anti-black bias prevents doctors from giving their black patients the treatment they need.
  • LLana James stressed the importance of bridging the knowledge gap of coders between their technical expertise and human rights knowledge. As many programmers benefit from anti-black racism in Canada, their blindspots can persist in their code, further undermining BIPOC.
Time of Recording: Tuesday Jul 21 2020 22:30 GMT
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