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Winning teams


IBM CodeNet: Translate source code from one language to another

Techniques: IBM CodeNet

Start Date: Nov 20, 2021 – End of Dec 



No longer accepting proposals

Post-extraction error correction for PDF files

Techniques: Extracting text from PDF files. Split, clean, and organize text into data points. Various types of classification tasks.

Application Deadline: 11:59pm EST Nov 17, 2021

Start Date: Nov 19, 2021 5:00pm EST – Dec 17 2021



No longer accepting proposals

Super-resolution in Satellite Imagery for Agricultural Purposes

Techniques: Computer Vision, Object Detection, Super Resolution 

Start Date: May 17, 2021 | Final Submission Deadline: June 13, 2021



No longer accepting proposals

API for Interrogating Machine Learning Models for Bias

Techniques: Explainable AI, Algorithmic Fairness, MLOps

Start Date: April 12, 2021 | Final Submission Deadline: May 9, 2021



Predict Tenure of Female Employees at a Given Company

Techniques: Data Collection, Predictive Modelling, MLOps

Start Date: April 12, 2021 | Final Submission Deadline: May 9, 2021



Recommended prerequisites: Familiarity with Python: pandas, scikit-learn, (Optional) PyTorch, Jupyter Notebook, Stats, ML & Neural Nets is expected.
Equipment: A new laptop is not required you can use Google Colab for the majority of the tasks.  Google Colab is a zero-configuration environment with free access to cloud GPU’s. Just make sure you have the latest chrome or firefox browser installed. Recommendations for extra resources are available after joining a project.
Target audience: Our aim is to bring together Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Product Managers, and Software Engineers


Stay Competitive

Attract opportunities by strengthening and diversifying your portfolio by showing your experience in building ML products for real life problems

Build ML Products

Solve interesting business problems (your own or a sponsored project idea) in a structured and guided experience

Win Cash Prizes

Work with a team of 2-3 peers to solve a business challenge using AI and win prize money when your MVP is selected as the best solution!

Access Experts

Get guidance from a technical lead (senior industry practitioner or academic researcher) as you go through the build process

Access Curated Content

Access our entire library of expert curated content to find short videos explaining technical concepts and sample code

Build Collaboratively

Meet and team up with peers on our platform to solve the problems together. Interact weekly with the sponsoring company (startup founders, usually) to get feedback.


1. Select your project

  • Review sponsored project details 
  • Team up with your friends or meet other members of our community 
  • Get access to the “pre-project” Slack channel to connect with others and ger any questions answered

2. Submit a proposal

  • Using the setup RECIPE, edit the default resources to outline your groups approach to this problem
  • Submit your proposal RECIPE!
  • If accepted you will be invited to participate in the project

3. Build something kick-ass

  • Access your team Workspace and find weekly deliverables and record progress
  • Add resources and notes to the RECIPE to record your groups workflow
  • Meet with technical leads and company reps on a weekly basis to receive feedback
  • Submit the RECIPE for evaluation and have a chance to win the prize money!


Week 1

>> Finalize your dataset

>> Validate your assumptions through exploratory data analysis

>> Build a base model

Week 2

>> Do an alpha release based on your base model

>> Collect user feedback and improve your base pipeline

>> Hand-on MLOps video series and expert access available to monthly subscribers

Week 3

>> Get more feedback, improve your pipeline

>> Start incorporating advanced ML components 

>> Hands-on advanced ML packages available to monthly subscribers

Week 4

>> Get more feedback and Improve your pipeline

>> Get ready for your final demo

>> Clean up / finalize your code and demo video

>> Submit your entry for the competition!

Not ready to join a competition? 

No problem, keep tabs on us through our Slack channels




Our competitions are open to anyone from anywhere. However please note that if you win, we will have to use Wise to transfer money to you, and if Wise is not available in your country / region, we can't gaurantee being able to pay you your share. 

Not particularly! Obviously, the more you know the better. But, part of our philosophy is "learning by doing" (ehm, I mean "experiential learning" - to be fancier than necessary). So, you will be learning a tonne from your peers as you try to build things together. All we need you to bring is your ambition, curiosity, and well, enough coding skills. You will also have access to our expert curated video and code packages, as well as access to private office hours with experts when you sign up.

There is no catch. We believe that building impactful products in emerging tech is something that most people should get exposed to sooner or later. Besides we charge companies who post problem statements a premium fee that enables us to keep it free for developers. 

I mean, we can't really stop you if that's what you want! BUT do we encourage it? Not really!!! There is *SO* much learning in doing things together with peers. However, we understand that some folks prefer that. You can select your preference during the sign up

Our primary metric for accepting proposals is thoroughness.  Your submission doesn’t need to be extremely advanced but it does need to demonstrate your effort to; understand the problem statement and plan for the project with the information you have available to you. 

The Prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges consisting of representatives of the Sponsor (50%) and our community experts (50%) based on the following:

  1. Effort put in (problem discovery, data collection, training, etc)
  2. Readiness of the solution (can it be used locally or non-locally by many people? how much work is needed for the solution to become minimally viable?)
  3. Optimization (how quickly can your solution perform inference? Points may also be awarded for training optimizations, such as transfer learning.)
  4. Interpretability (how easy is it to explain why your solution works?)
  5. Performance (how well does your solution perform in terms of accuracy - may be a combination of objective and subjective metrics, or other unsupervised performance metrics).
  6. Practicality of the application (is what you built solving an interesting practical problem in a way that can be used by intended users?)
  7. Technical soundness (are you using the right evaluation metrics? Are you using the right algos? Are you interpreting your results correctly?)
  8. Originality & Creativity (were you able to reframe the problem, or perhaps collect / synthesize data, in a creative manner which sidesteps some of the more challenging obstacles? Did you have an original approach to solving the problem or sufficed to overly done approaches?)
  9. Clarity of communication (is it easy to follow your story, and technical detail in your deck and video?)
  10. Quality of production (is the audio/video quality of your final deliverable acceptable) 
  11. Commercial Use (does your solution use copyright or proprietary material, or is it available with an unrestricted license?)
  12. Code Quality (is your code easy for other engineers to understand and modify?)

We estimate around 10 hours a week, but it really depends on your base level, and how much effort you want to put in. It also depends on how effectively you "divide and conquer" with your team members.

Join our community slack workspace, just hang out there and use all our free content until you're ready. Post any questions you have in #cohort8-support (or DM Amir Feizpour). Alternatively, check out our Discussion Groups

If you are working on a company sponsored project, you would be pre-assigning all intellectual property to them. If your solution is not chosen as a winner, you can still publish your work publicly for your portfolio as long as you respect all confidentiality and data privacy terms you agree to as part of the competition. This concretely means that if you don't win, you can remove all references to the sponsor company (their name & brand, any results obtained from their confidential data, all original data they provided and data you derived from their data, any specific details about their use case, etc) and then publish your work publicly.

A lot of our users join our cohorts to add something to their personal / professional portfolio, or refine their ideas for that awesome venture they've been dreaming about. Since we really like ambitious people like you, aggregate intellect doesn't have any claims over the IP you generate as part of our cohorts. It is all yours! all of it!!! 


Join our Slack community and post questions in #competition_support

or send a direct message to Amir Feizpour