Aggregate Intellect

We use AI to create a mindmap of yours & your team's technical knowledge, from across Slack Conversations and other tools, so you can see connections you were previously blind to or had forgotten.

Step 1

Click on any thread you want to save to a.i. library

Step 2

Check the information fetched and add any notes you want

Step 3

View all interesting slack threads and other resources via a.i. library

Why Aggregate Intellect?

Recall Relevant Knowledge Comprehensively

See which knowledge is relevant. Re-surface it less painfully & more comprehensively after a quick glance at your project mindmap.

Teammate not available? Their knowledge is.

You don't need teammates saying 'oh, I read something about that - I'll shoot you an email'. Their knowledge will be auto re-surfaced for you in the team's shared Technical Mindmap.

No need to Re-Invent the RECIPE

If a community member has done a similar enough complex task before, have a recipe of the 'resource list' they used to figure it out, recommended to you just when you need it.

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