Aggregate Intellect

Is your startup looking to build your next AI product?

We organize & mobilize our global community to collaboratively build your next AI product feature

Receive the source code and documentation for your project in as early as 4 weeks (1 module)

Set up follow up modules for more complex projects with selected teams

Dedicated technical expert and highly curated content to help guide and expedite the build

Tap into diversity of thoughts to produce novel solutions for your use case

Test and validate several ideas at once to find the most impactful solutions 

Find great potential hires


Connect with our global community of over 10K data scientists, ML engineers, and AI experts


Minimum FTE Hours
Per Module




Active Users


Direct Access
Community Members


Step 1

Work with one of our product experts to identify your requirements & expectations

Step 2

Participants submit proposals, are invited to participate, and work in teams to build solutions

Step 3

You select the “best” solution, acquire its IP, in return for the prize money you sponsor

For more complex projects, set up follow up modules with selected teams



We enable teams to rapidly validate AI products to solve your major social and business problems

Evolutionary AI Product Development Framework

Diverse Solutions through Crowdsourcing

Cost-efficient cutting edge solutions

Global Talent Pool and Expert Network


Starting from $9,000 = Prize money (min. $5,000) + $3000 posting fee + 20% of prize money (commission).

You can increase the prize money for more complex projects or if you want to attract more senior practitioners. 

The posting fee and the commission can be waived for the founders from groups underrepresented in tech on a case by case basis. 

We work with you to set up mutliple modules (each would be 4 weeks long) with minimum success definition for each of them. Teams that meet those criteria qualify for next modules. You can cap this off with a longer module at the end where the best team can work for you for a longer time period on a part time basis.

All submissions will inlude:

  • Presentation deck outlining the problem, solution, and learnings
  • Data Engineering + Feature engineering + Model pipeline (source code on GitHub)

And. you can select up to 2 of the following items as additional deliverables per module

  • 2 short videos demonstrating the concepts teams worked on, as well as demonstrating their end-to-end application in action
  • Annotated / Derived / Extra collected data
  • Trained model object
  • Packaged and deployed pipeline   
  • Delivery method: remote API calls OR
  • Delivery method: Simple UI (note that complex frontends, mobile dev, browser extensions, etc require further development and are normally outside of the scope of our challenges - unless teams choose to do that as stretch goal)

You do! The process is set up as a competition and you will get first right of refusal to the end-to-end solutions provided by the winning teams in return of the prize money (already reflected in the sponsor package price listed)

Only any info that you agree to. As part of our contract, we will discuss what info can be shared publicly for marketing purposes. Any sensitive info needed will be only provided to participants after they agree to competition specific TOS including non-disclosure, confidentiality, and data privacy

If no teams meet that criteria (extremely unlikely), you pay nothing. As part of our onboarding, we work together to align on a document including a (quantitative, as much as possible) minimum success criteria as well as a stretch goal. Any team that achieves the minimum success will qualify for prize money. 

The ranking is determined by votes from you (50%) and an expert panel introduced by us (50%). As part of onboarding, we tell you what parameters we will be looking at, and you have an opportunity to document any additional parameters that are important to you

No! This is free for developers to participate. However, participats submit "project proposal" as proof of work, in order to ensure high quality participations only. 


Schedule a discovery call with our product & technical experts to discuss your use case and organize an upcoming competition!
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